A Look At The World Of The City

The world of The City is both confusingly different and remarkably similar to what you would expect, all at the same time. People go about their lives, struggling to make ends meet. They go to work, watch vids of sport and popular shows, listen to music, fall in love, eat, drink and go to parties. But there are differences, some subtle, other not.

It is a world where the paranormal and the bleak, dark future crash together, where corporations rule and national governments are shadows of their former selves, where vampires and trolls and magic incantations clash with heavy metal cybernetics in the urban wilderness.

So how did it come to be like this?

There has always been the paranormal, lurking around the edges. People knew of it but seldom experienced it. There was a burgeoning of the paranormal at about the time the world was experiencing a futureshock. Cybernetic and biogenetic augments were starting to make an appearance on the common market. Governments were crumbling under economic, political and social turmoil, all brought about by the short sighted greed of not just the politicians but in most cases the voters themselves. Younger generations were bankrupted to pay for the wanton lifestyles of their elders, ad they were not happy.

Into this turmoil the megacorps emerged, bailing out destitute governments – for a cost naturally. Exemptions were made, then more, until it arrived at the stage where it was the corps calling the shots, ruling the world from their fortified skyscrapers and with their private armies, battling each other in clandestine wars for wealth and power. Hostile takeovers have a rather new and more literal meaning.

All this turmoil and upheaval coming at once produced a kind of shock. Cults and gangs and movements emerged. The paranormal became commonplace. There were opportunities to be had but at the same time great dangers.

And nowhere is this more evident than in The City.


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