Characters: Braeden Wolf

For this first look at the characters of The City it is best to let Braeden Wolf describe himself in his own words.

Who am I?

I could give a long psychobabble answer asking who any of us are, but I inevitably return to the same answer; I am a collection of bad habits marinated in whiskey.

The man I call Squire is both more and less generous in his description.

He says I am an unrepentant womaniser, an abuser of alcohol and combat drugs, and of my body, that I consort with the wrong types, dabble in hexes, am cynical and sarcastic and a remorseless killer.

And those are my good points.

Yet for that he is not completely wrong.

What can I say, I like the ladies and the ladies like me. There is no crime in that. Not just human ladies, but vamps and sirens and even the aos sí. I don’t dabble with succubi; there are some lines I won’t cross, and succubi are a sure trip to the black. It is a dangerous life I live and I try to live it to the full while I can, whether that be wine, woman or song.

I think of myself as a realist, not a cynic, but there are days the line blurs. I’m not exactly alone in this regards; you’d never be an idealist, not in this city, with its crime and corruption and all the darkness it contains.

As for being a remorseless killer, I only kill those that deserve it. There are many monsters in this city, and some of them are even human. Few others worry about what happens to the teeming masses; I’m not saying I care, but someone needs to do something; my reasons for doing so are my own. I don’t hunt down all monsters; some, like the trolls, are just trying to live their lives like anyone else.

My background?

That is a long and unnecessary story.

Needless to say I was born in The City, I’ve lived my life in The City and I will die in the City.

I am an Incanter, though there are others more powerful and with greater finesse, or both, than me. My advantage is that I am willing to fight dirty, a street brawler, willing to use hexes, guns, knives, feet, hands, teeth, elbows and anything else that comes to hand. Most who use magic incantations tend to think of themselves are more refined, and that gives me an edge.

That, and the bioengineered and cybernetic augments I have. Tin eyes, tin ears, wired reflexes, muscle grafts, synthweave to bind the bones and skin, the usual suspects.

There is one gift I have that is unique; many Incanters have gifts, difficult to near impossible to replicate. Mine is the ability to know, on sight, what anyone is, whether human, troll, vamp, demon, aos sí, zombie or any other, disguised or not, even if I have not met their kind before. Knowledge is power, and that knowledge has saved my life on more than one occasion.

That is me in a nutshell, one of those mad disreputable types out walking the mean streets, hard and dangerous.

Be sure to say hello.


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