In The Works: Book Three

While all the final work is being done on the first two Braeden Wolf books I have been busy working on book three, a project that doesn’t have a title yet.

So far I have done more than 10,000 words on the first very rough draft. Going on previous efforts when the time comes for rewriting it, it should increase in size by 50-100%.

The story is less than half told as well so it should be a decent length by the time it gets around to being finished.

In the book to date Braeden has run into vampires, zombies, a ghoul and something dark lurking beneath the city, though he is unsure what it is.

And now he is about to meet his dad.

It is funny how many characters of a like with Braeden have lost their parents, often brutally. The whole point seems to be to give them something dark and angsty in their past. That isn’t going to happen with Braeden. In fact I will go so far as to say that I am never going to kill Braeden’s Old Man. He’ll stay in the background, a minor character, but he will be there.

And now back to the writing.


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