The Blood Games Cometh!

Recently I’ve started to watch the wrestling.

I never used to. I knew about it, having a friend back in high school who was big into it and seeing the occasional highlight through him, but I was never really interested in it. It was all fake after all, so what was the point?

And then a couple of months ago while doing some channel surfing I stumbled upon it and started watching – and haven’t stopped since. I realise the attraction now – its a soap opera that men can watch as well. With fighting thrown in.

As a writer I look at it a bit different – I’m interested in the stories, trying to figure out how things would best play out from a point of view of the story, and considering ways that I’d do things different.

It all got me thinking a bit and the end result was a bit of a what if – specifically what if gladiatorial contests were as staged as the wrestling.

And so the concept of the Blood Games was born. Take the stage managed soap opera of the wrestling and apply it to the gladiator arena and stick it in a setting that is both familiar but not an exact copy – the Roman Empire but with serial numbers filed off.

The plan is for this to release regularly short stories that tell of events both in and out of the arena at various contests, featuring larger than life characters and all their carrying ons, in a sort of mash up of the soap opera of wrestling and the sex and violence of Spartacus, but in written word.

The very first short is now down, The Announcement, part of the Halicarii Wedding Bash. It is the first of the introductory tales that lead up to the fights.

I’m not sure where exactly this will lead, but hopefully I’ll get a few people to follow it and join in the fun.


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