The Year That Was And The Year Ahead

And here we are then, venturing forth into a brand new year, fresh and untarnished and full of opportunity.

Mind you the same was said at the start of last year as well, and see how that turned out.

On the plus side I finally got published, with my first two novellas now up and for sale as ebooks, via LazyDay Publishing. Thats a big step.

Now for the year ahead. More writing for starters. Lots more of it.

I need to write more – and longer – books for the Braeden Wolf series. If I could I’d be cranking them out one a month. Actually, that isn’t so much an impossibility as a matter of overcoming slackness.

I also need to continue the newly started Blood Games serial of shorts. Got plenty of ideas for that and it’ll only work if I turn them out regularly. One a week would be preferred.

There is also the whole matter of marketing myself and my books. It is an area I’m not that great at but I need to work on it. Twitter, facebook, forums, whatever, I need to hit them and plug myself and hopefully garner a few fans along the way.

They aren’t resolutions as such, given I don’t make them, but more intentions. I may even keep them.


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