Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time

There are days I wish that I didn’t have to sleep.  Like everyday.

The problem is that I never seem to get enough writing done; between the everyday rigmarole of living, poor work ethic and sleeping I just seem to run out of time.  Those extra few hours I could use if I didn’t have to use them to sleep would be so handy.

I’d love to be one of those prolific writers who can whip out a novel in three weeks.  I know I have it in me, I just seem to lack the willpower to do it.

As it is I’m only slowly getting through the current projects on my plate without even starting the new ones I’d like to do.  There is Novella Three of Braeden Wolf, as well as the ongoing short story serial The Blood Games, plus the novels/novellas/short stories of my real ego (yes, Ash Stirling is a nom de plume – wasn’t that obvious?)  And then I also want to get started on the Vikings on Mars idea, plus hack out a sci-fi soap opera style series, inspired as I have been by playing Mass Effect recently.

I really need to sit down, knuckle down and just write, ignoring everything.  Like twitter, email, forums, youtube, etc and so on.


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2 responses to “Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time

  • laradunning

    I’ve ramped down on Twitter recently to focus on editing my fantasy novel. But, still it seems like there is never enough time. I wish the old person gene for only needing 4 hours a sleep a night would kick in-then I could really get some writing done! Good luck with your projects.

  • Ash Stirling

    I’ve sort of changed sleeping habits of late to try and make up time – 5-6 hours only at night with sometimes a short nap in the afternoon. Sign I am getting old I guess…

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