Wrestlemania Predictions

Almost time for my first Wrestlemania, and time for some predictions.

Bryan vs Sheamus; Sheamus. After a long loosing streak he finally broke through with a win and a title – for him to loose it so soon would be a bad look for The Celtic Warrior.

The Corre vs Team Santino; Team Santino. It is disappointing to hear that Kozlov is out and replaced by Kofi – Kozlov deserved it after his long run with Santino. I can see Santino winning via the cobra – and against Wendy – just because Santino is so over. And it gives us another chance to see Kane doing the trombone.

Team Morrison vs Team Ziggler; Team Morrison. The only reason I am predicting Team Morrison is that they have the guest wrestlers, Snooki, on their team. Of course they are going to win precisely because of that. Given Morrison and Ziggler are my two favourites currently, having them opposed in a match like this is disappointing – but at least they are at Wrestlemania.

Cm Punk vs Orton; Orton. Hard to call this one – could go either way, but Orton is coming in injured and defeated by the villainous Punk, which leads me towards Orton winning.

Rhodes vs Mysterio; Rhodes. Rhodes new gimmick has been impressive, he is building up heat nicely, and so a loss here would suck all the life out of it.

Del Rio vs Edge; Del Rio. Del Rio has been on a massive push – and I can’t see it faltering here. I do expect interference from Brodus Clay and Christian in this, though how exactly remains to be seen – quite possibly Christian costing Edge either by accident or on purpose.

Cole Vs Lawler; Lawler. A very easy one to pick. Everyone wants to see Lawler layeth the smack down on Cole, and they won’t be disappointed – it has been a long time coming. Except to see Stone Cold Steve Austin to lay out Jack Swagger as well.

Undertaker vs HHH; Undertaker. Quite possibly the hardest one to call. Both sides have their reasons for winning or loosing, but quite simply the Streak comes into play here. They aren’t going to kill the Streak. Undertaker goes 19-0.

Cena vs The Miz; Cena. Miz has held the title a long time and he, like Cole, deserves some comeuppance. Plus as the last match of the event, you rarely see the heel emerge victorious. The presence of The Rock and Alex Riley add a whole new dimension as well, especially give The Rock seems to be feuding with both Cena and Miz. Could have a crazy ending.

We shall see how close I am in a few hours.


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