The Great Braeden Wolf Review Offer

I had a bit of an odd idea when considering ways to drum up reviews for the Braeden Wolf series – so here goes.

If anyone is interested, I can send them PDFs of all 3 novellas published to date, to review any or all.

In addition, I will offer anyone who accepts it a cameo appearance in the series – be it as human, vamp, zombie, warlock or whatever. Details can be figured out later. Just a small way of saying thanks for taking them time.


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2 responses to “The Great Braeden Wolf Review Offer

  • Ben Hubris Wilkinson

    curiouser and curiouser, i would have thought the scifi and paranormal book reading comunity would have been all over stirlings work. tech and paranormal creeps into the warhammer 40k arena,and thoes fans of the like of dan abnett and ilk should be appreciative of the work. over the first 3 of the braeden wolf books and short stories Stirling has gotten better and better, fleshing out the characters and expanding insight into The City. i am a great fan of the work so far and want MORE ! not since Neuromancer or The Founding have I been so enthused about an authors work that I’ve considered writing myself! Knowing how busy Stirling must be and that multi tasking is sort of gender spesific, I can only suggest either giving up sleep or cloning. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to the next Wolf installments.
    Apologies for typing and spelling errors, pc’s down and using kindle.

    ps maybe a series of collaborations could be done, fans writing short stories in the Braeden Wolf, The City format, with Ash Stirling rewriting,editing and finessing it into a publishable peices. It would /could encourage budding talent to flourish, and widerspread acclaim for Stirling.

    Ben Wilkinson

    • Ash Stirling

      Thanks for that Ben. Part of the fault is my own – I’m not very good at the whole marketing side of things. Writing seems easy in comparison.

      But I am glad you are enjoying them and such comments do a lot to perk up a writer and throw themselves back into the fray.

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