Royal Rumble Predictions

It has been a while since I last did one of my grant PPV predictions, but in an effort to post more – and not just about writing – here goes.

We only have 4 listed matches – and no divas – so I expect extra matches to be snuck in as usual.

Cena vs Kane – Much as I’d like to see Kane go down for his dastardly attack on Ryder, I think Kane will win. If not physically, then mentally as he forces Cena to embrace the dark side to win.

Bryan vs Mark Henry vs Big Show – Cowardly little heel in a cage with two monsters? There is no way that Bryan in’t winning that. Plus the two big men are working injured, so there isn’t much point in giving the title to them.

Punk vs Ziggler – I’d like to see Ziggles win it, and I’m certain he will sometime this year, but I am certain Punk will retain, against the odds.

The Rumble – Without knowing who is in the thing, picking a winner can be hard, but it seems that it will be between two; Randy Orton or Chris Jericho. It is Orton’s home town, and Vince doesn’t like having both Cena and Orton out of the title picture, but on the other hand a Jericho-Punk clash at Wrestlemania for the title is being bandied around.


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