Human – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

Finally, after a slightly long delay, the sixth episode of the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection is now available, for free, on Smashwords.

This one revolves around Annabelle Chan (aka Tinkerbelle), a cybernetically augmented technophile having a run in with a bunch vehemently opposed to the desecration of the flesh with plastic and metal.


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One response to “Human – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

  • doug

    Love the rapid fire character introductions, and the way you can bring them to life in only a few hundred words.
    Your plot lines are are real portrayals of people in an unreal, but all too plausable world where the rich and powerful are, and the rest don’t count or matter.
    Will definately look forward to reading something longer. Thank you for the free smashwords intro to your work.


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