Hailing from the sunny climes of Australia, as a kid I wanted to be either an archaeologist or a fireman, spurred on by a voracious appetite for reading anything I could get my hands on, especially books on history or of action and adventure searching for lost cities and hidden treasure. Rather than ending up the next Howard Carter or Indiana Jones, I found myself in the rather safer field of IT, though I continued to pursue my dreams in books.

Along the way I discovered a joy of writing as well, encouraged by a number of teachers. In the written word I could explore all those worlds and exotic places that lived in my head. The first of those tomake an appearance is the world of Braeden Wolf.


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  • Jeffrey Zweig II

    Hello Ash,

    My name is Jeff Zweig. I’ve been reading your short stories on Smashwords.com recently and I have been intrigued to keep reading. I am also a sucker for high end science fiction.

    I’m e-mailing you today to inquire about doing an interview with you on my blog, Stories of the Sleepless Mind. I’ve started a series titled “Interviews from the Digital Frontier” and I want you included because I feel it’s vital to help connect authors and readers with similar tastes and point of views, i.e. the self publishing route. More people need to see there are people doing pursuing their dreams while legacy publishing seems to have their hands tied.

    Also, seeing as we’re both writing in the genre of science fiction, I think the could be some benefit to the exposure.

    I would send you five questions by e-mail pertaining to topics such as the challenges of self publishing, thoughts on legacy publishing and writing, what you have coming up next. I would post it on my blog and cross reference it over Twitter and Facebook.

    See http://storiesofsleeplessmind.blogspot.com/2011/08/interviews-from-digital-frontier-david.html for my first interview to get a feel for what I’m after.

    If you are interested please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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