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Goodread’s Page

I now have a page on Goodread’s as well, so if anyone wants to come over and say hello, friend me, do reviews and the like, please feel free.

In other news the next Braeden Wolf novella is coming along great guns, having hit 17,500 words on the second go through.


Setting Up More Pages Elsewhere

In addition to my facebook fan page, I have also set up pages at Amazon and also The Blood Bank as part of my ongoing quest to help try and create interest in the series.

Marketing is not my strong point and so it is a slow learning process trying to figure out ways to market the books.

My First Interview

Haley over at My Love Of Reading Blog is holding a 12 Days of LazyDay Authors feature and it was my turn to be featured.

The full interview can be read here.

A big thanks for Haley for allowing me to appear on her blog – it was my first ever interview and hopefully not my last either.

Updates On The Way

As may have been notices, the website has been a bit quiet of late. Other matters have been taking up my time.

That is about to change, and with it the blog. I am going to be giving it a go over, fixing all the pages, adding more content and posting far more regularly.

The changes should start rolling out in the next day or two.

Why Ebooks?

There are those who no doubt wonder why an author would go exclusively with an ebook publisher like LazyDay. Aren’t printed books where it is at?

That is no longer the sole way of doing things. Over the last couple of years ebooks have surged. According to this post ebook sales are expected to bit $1 billion dollars by the end of the year. That is a lot of money any way you look at it, and it is only going to get much larger in the future.

Ebooks have plenty of advantages. They are easy to produce and take on no real room. They can be updated fast. They are cheap to buy – for one normal book you can purchase a number of ebooks. The authors see a bigger return per sale than with paper books, even if they sell for less. An author may see 5% of the sale price of a paper book, while seeing 40% (more if self published) of an ebook.

There are down sides of course; easy to pirate, requires access to the ‘net to purchase and ebook readers to actually read and there is still a stigma attached to them in some quarters.

But in my mind the pros outweigh the cons.

I’m looking forward to seeing my first novellas up for sale and hope to add many more to them in the future.

Eye on the Blogs: Snark and Urban Fantasy Pet Peeves

From time to time I plan to link to interesting blog posts that I’ve come across, and sometimes comment on how they impact my writing, The City, or me.

Nicole Peeler, over at Borders Blog, posted an article on snark and self-depreciation, after having become known as someone for ‘snark’. I tend to suffer from it from time to time, and the plan is for some of it to rub off on Braeden in the stories – but there is a fine line to be trod between snark and being a jackass. The answer, according to Nicole? Self-depreciation.

While over at Literary Escapism, Abigail of All Things Urban Fantasy made a guest post about the Top Ten Urban Fantasy Peeves for writers of urban fantasy and the paranormal. Well worth the read, if only to know what not to include. And number one on the list? Random and unwarranted sex breaks.