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The Paranormal: Monsters of The City

Humans, while the majority, are not the only people to live openly in The City. The rest are disparagingly, and normally not to their faces, refereed to as monsters.

The most common are the aos sí and the trolls, but they also include vampires, zombies, shapeshifters and demons of various ilks, such as succubi and imps.

The aos sí, better (and wrongly) known as the sidhe are the visible face of the paranormal world. Taller and fairer than men, they are also deeply attuned to the world of magic and near all have a decent understanding of incantations. Devious, unpredictable and willful, they easily fit into the world of men. The various aos sí families often have fingers in numerous businesses, both legitimate and otherwise. The current mayor of The City is one of the aos sí.

The trolls are a hardy, hard working people and while as numerous as the aos sí are rarely seen. Most live and work in Docklands, in its factories and industries, only coming out after dark. Naturally resistant to the effects of arcane magic, they are nonetheless highly adept at working it into devices, the only with the knowledge how, and are well know for the steel of their blades. Few mess with trolls, as if you mess with one you mess with the whole family.

Vampires thrive in the environs of The City, partially because they are the peak predators in the urban jungle, but mostly because in the dark streets they are seldom troubled. A few more missing bodies go unremarked, no matter the cause of death. Most drift into a life in the criminal underworld, as pimps, loan sharks, enforcers and bosses. They do on occasions come into conflict with the aos sí, for no other reason than conflicts of interest. When an aos sí-vampire war erupts, the smart get out of the way.

Zombies are not a naturally occurring phenomena, only coming about by the work of magic, whether intentional or otherwise, on the corpses of the deceased. Individually they pose little threat, being slow near mindless creatures. Sometimes they come under the influence of a ghoul, a type of zombie with memories and intelligence, tormented by its existence. Packs of zombies led by ghouls show a marked increase in cunning, lurking in the sewers and abandoned buildings, seeking to add to their numbers.

The shapeshifters are not a single group, but encompass a variety of forms. Some of these are natural shapeshifters, the best know of which are werewolves, while others achieve their form changes through incantations. For the most they life lives of ordinary people, often keeping their nature hidden.

Demons are right at home in The City, with its violence, corruption and depravity. The worse it gets, the more they are drawn to it and the stronger they become. At first it was just imps, mischievous spirits trying to tempt mortals with offers of power, but they have been joined by succubi, sensuous women who seduced men – and woman – into depravity. They also have male counterparts, the inccubi, for those who prefer men. Rumours persist that more powerful demons have began to make an appearance as The City sinks deeper into depravity.