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WIP Sneak Peek

The following is a sneak peak of the WIP for the next Braeden Wolf paranormal/cyberpunk book. Yes, I am working on one.

There comes a point in everyone’s life when they ask themselves just how they got to where they were.

For me that day came in a grimy alleyway on a cold autumn night many years ago, wracked by tearing pains, alternating between shivering and sweating. The answer, when I could think straight, was obvious. I had turned left when I should have turned right. A simple mistake, the most recent in a long line, but a critical one as mistakes go.

Rain was blowing in off the harbour, humping down hard across the city, whether the gleaming heart with its skyscrapers or the sprawling slums that ringed it. I had been huddled up beneath a greatcoat in the lee of an overflowing skip bin, its garbage added to the accumulated detritus that swirled about, trying to avoid the worst of the weather as my body shudder; it wasn’t from the weather that I suffered that affliction.

Something ran across my foot; a rat, or worse. My foot kicked out instinctively and the animal squeaked as it shot through the air, impacting on the far wall with a solid thud. The sound of cracking bones carried to me. Normally such a thing would have gone unmarked but my hearing had been swimming in and out, hypersensitive to the least change, adding to the pains that had torn at my mind.

The rat’s body fell to the ground and the fresh, sharp scent of warm blood rose in the air, a scent that should have been drowned out by the rain and the stench of garbage.

It awoke in me a terrible, tearing hunger, ripping through my innards. It called out for release, to simply give in, to succumb and seek the sustenance to take the edge of it.

Except I didn’t know what it was that I had desired, and all I could do had been to whimper and try and fight it off. Each minute I resisted though made the hunger worse.

A shaking hand reached into a pocket and from it I removed a small flask. Trembling hands fumbled at the lid with difficulty but then it came off and I took a quick swig of the burning liquid within, one that scraped the throat clean and brought water to the eyes. It took some of the edge off the hunger though it didn’t last long, and by that stage the flask was all but empty.

My eyes had remained shut the whole time. Like my hearing I had no control over my vision that took in light and magnified it tenfold, even the softest of light lancing through my eyes and into my brain.

My hands gripped the top of my head, squeezing tightly as if it would contain the tearing pain in my head. My hands had slid down across my face, and in my pain and misery I had scratched and torn at it. The skin would not break beneath my nails, and nor could any blood be drawn.

Something was badly wrong with me and at the time I had no idea what, nor could I remember what had gone before. My head hammered back into the wall, trying to drive the pain out.

A burning hunger I could not satiate, hypersensitivity of sight and hearing and smell and skin that would not break. What had I become?


Plans For The Year Ahead

And another year dawns; so time for some sort of resolutions. My track record with resolutions isn’t good, therefore these will be more like a wishlist.

Firstly, I need to start posting on this blog more often and more regularly. I need to explore the setting more, the characters, ideas and concepts, as well as delving into other things not related to the Braeden Wolf setting.

Second, I need to work to finish the Moments collection. Given they are rather short length, they shouldn’t be too hard to crank out. I need to spend a day to sit down and plot them all out.

After that comes two novels that need to be written; more if I can manage it.

Then there are the other projects, not related to Braeden Wolf, which kind of stalled. Must get them back into action too.

NaNowWriMo Final Preparations

With NaNoWriMo all but upon us, I am putting the final touches to the preparation for my first go at it.  I have some rough notes for the novel and will spend the rest of the day working on finalising those notes.

The story I am going with will be called Knife’s Edge Deep and is a sort of prequel novel to the currently written novellas of the paranormal/cyberpunk world of Braeden Wolf.  it is the story of what it was that made him into what he is in the later stories, in his own words.

For those interested in buddying up, I am ashstirling over on the NaNoWriMo site.

Damnation Down Below

I have finished up the edits of the third novella in the Braeden Wolf paranormal/cyberpunk setting and sent them off. Titled Damnation Down Below, it is starting to get into the real meat of the story of Braeden Wolf and of The City. As soon as I have an exact release date I’ll be announcing it.

In the meantime, it is time to work on the next short story – there is one in progress and it is turning out a bit longer than previous ones.

Book Three Progress

Been a while since I lost updated the blog, but I do have news to share at last; book three of the Braeden Wolf series has been finished.

It requires a bit of editing and proof-reading but it is finally done and will hopefully see the light of day sometime soon.

New Reviews, And Ongoing Work

I got some new reviews on Amazon, ones that make me wonder if the reviewer read a different book than I wrote – she makes them sound far better than I remember them being 🙂

Head on over to my Amazon page to check them out.

I’m also busy at work trying to finish off the third book in the series – it really should have been done by now. The good news is that it is already longer than the first two. The not so good news is that it still has some time to go to finish.

Still, If I knuckle down and work hard it may be done some time.

Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time

There are days I wish that I didn’t have to sleep.  Like everyday.

The problem is that I never seem to get enough writing done; between the everyday rigmarole of living, poor work ethic and sleeping I just seem to run out of time.  Those extra few hours I could use if I didn’t have to use them to sleep would be so handy.

I’d love to be one of those prolific writers who can whip out a novel in three weeks.  I know I have it in me, I just seem to lack the willpower to do it.

As it is I’m only slowly getting through the current projects on my plate without even starting the new ones I’d like to do.  There is Novella Three of Braeden Wolf, as well as the ongoing short story serial The Blood Games, plus the novels/novellas/short stories of my real ego (yes, Ash Stirling is a nom de plume – wasn’t that obvious?)  And then I also want to get started on the Vikings on Mars idea, plus hack out a sci-fi soap opera style series, inspired as I have been by playing Mass Effect recently.

I really need to sit down, knuckle down and just write, ignoring everything.  Like twitter, email, forums, youtube, etc and so on.