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Damnation Down Below Cover

Should have put this up earlier, but here is the cover for Damnation Down Below.

Same theme as the previous ones, but with a different colour scheme – a darker one reflecting the change in tone in the story line.


The Release of Damnation Down Below & The Search For Reviews

The third novella in the Braeden Wolf series of Paranormal Cyberpunk is now out – available at Amazon and elsewhere.

The story of the setting continues on from the previous two novellas, and takes a slightly darker turn in doing so. Events rush on and the balance of power begins to shift.

Writing the story was the easy part – next come the more difficult stage; getting it out there.

A big part of that is the search for reviews. If there is anyone interested in doing so, drop me a note and I’ll forward a copy along to you.

Slight Delay In Release

The release date for Damnation Down Below, the third Braeden Wolf paranormal cyberpunk novella is being pushed back a week due to a few, minor unavoidable things.

Damnation Down Below Release Date

Damnation Down Below, the third Braeden Wolf novella, now has a release date – Wed. 24th. Not long to go now.

The cover for it is awesome and I hope to be able to show it off soon. It follows the style of the previous ones but with some differences, which you’ll get to see soon.

I’ve got a couple of ideas for two more stories in the series, one that takes place after Damnation Down Below and the other a kind of origins story. The question is which one to focus on first.

Damnation Down Below

I have finished up the edits of the third novella in the Braeden Wolf paranormal/cyberpunk setting and sent them off. Titled Damnation Down Below, it is starting to get into the real meat of the story of Braeden Wolf and of The City. As soon as I have an exact release date I’ll be announcing it.

In the meantime, it is time to work on the next short story – there is one in progress and it is turning out a bit longer than previous ones.

The Year That Was And The Year Ahead

And here we are then, venturing forth into a brand new year, fresh and untarnished and full of opportunity.

Mind you the same was said at the start of last year as well, and see how that turned out.

On the plus side I finally got published, with my first two novellas now up and for sale as ebooks, via LazyDay Publishing. Thats a big step.

Now for the year ahead. More writing for starters. Lots more of it.

I need to write more – and longer – books for the Braeden Wolf series. If I could I’d be cranking them out one a month. Actually, that isn’t so much an impossibility as a matter of overcoming slackness.

I also need to continue the newly started Blood Games serial of shorts. Got plenty of ideas for that and it’ll only work if I turn them out regularly. One a week would be preferred.

There is also the whole matter of marketing myself and my books. It is an area I’m not that great at but I need to work on it. Twitter, facebook, forums, whatever, I need to hit them and plug myself and hopefully garner a few fans along the way.

They aren’t resolutions as such, given I don’t make them, but more intentions. I may even keep them.

Sneak Peek: Book Three

The following is a sneak peek from the early draft of book three of the Braeden Wolf series that is still in the work. It still needs completing and of course a polish and edit.

There are few pleasant ways to be woken up after a big night out. A cellphone blaring fit to wake the dead first thing in the morning is not one of them, and I know a thing or two about waking the dead.

My hand groped for the phone even as my eyes stayed shut to try and contain the raging ache throbbing away in my head. The tangle of sheets and limbs didn’t help matters trying to reach for the phone, nor the fact I was in an unfamiliar room.

Finally I reached the phone and answered it, mumbling a reply that might have been along the lines of ‘morning.’

“Not for the last few hours.” The voice on the other end of the phone was female; excessively so. Her voice could wake the dead in a whole different manner of speaking. Her name is Angela Grey, though I only ever call her Honey.

I sat up sharply and instantly wished I hadn’t. I creaked open an eye to look at the clock beside the bed. There was no blurring of vision; when you have tin eyes replacing the flesh ones certain foibles of the body are no longer an issue.

The clock read 2:43. Of the PM, not AM.

Okay, so it wasn’t morning but it was close enough, or at least that was what my body told me.

“What can I do for you, Honey?” I mumbled.

“I need your help Braeden.” She had her game voice on, all intense and authoritative, the one she uses when working. This was serious.



“Okay give me the details.”

She rattled off an address of the Docklands district of The City before hanging up. I really could have done with some more sleep followed by a whole jug of coffee but that wasn’t going to be. When Honey says jump I can’t really so no to her. I have that problem with most women, but more so with Honey. It’s a long story; let’s just say that the only chance I’ll have to get with her is if I go along with what she wants. That and my charm. It is worth all the hassle.

I tried to slip out of the bed but that is not easy when you are all tangled up. The other occupant stirred. I think her name is Nikki or Niccole or Nicola. Anyway, something like that. I’m sure its starts with N. Not a whole lot of last night really stands out in the old memory bank. I do remember there was drinking. Lots of it. Somewhere along the way I hooked up with Nikki, or whoever she was, and ended up back at her place for some more partying. There was a vague recollection of not a whole lot of sleep happening.