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Plans For The Year Ahead

And another year dawns; so time for some sort of resolutions. My track record with resolutions isn’t good, therefore these will be more like a wishlist.

Firstly, I need to start posting on this blog more often and more regularly. I need to explore the setting more, the characters, ideas and concepts, as well as delving into other things not related to the Braeden Wolf setting.

Second, I need to work to finish the Moments collection. Given they are rather short length, they shouldn’t be too hard to crank out. I need to spend a day to sit down and plot them all out.

After that comes two novels that need to be written; more if I can manage it.

Then there are the other projects, not related to Braeden Wolf, which kind of stalled. Must get them back into action too.


Short Stories on Smashwords

The five short stories I had written earlier and are on my website are now also on Smashwords, with shiny new covers, free to download and with a wider audience.

They won’t be the last ones I put up there.

What I plan to do is write more of these rather short stories as a series of vignettes, or brief moments in time revolving around various characters and events in The City, most of which build up an overall story.

I am thinking of doing around 15 more of these vignettes, and another 5 short stories unrelated but still providing snapshots of The City.

Only been up a couple of days but already have around 350 downloads, which is a good start.

First Attempt At Covers

I’m going to be putting up the short stories I have written on Smashwords for a slightly larger audience, mostly as teasers to spur interest in the longer stories. For that I need some decent covers.

I’ve been working off and on most of the day on ideas for covers, given I can’t really afford to hire someone to do it. Took some doing but I finally got something I like. This is the cover for the first of the short stories.

What I was aiming for was something that reflected both the cyberpunk and paranormal elements of the setting, which I think I may have got. We have a magic symbol that is done in neon light circuitry – or at least a close proximity there of.

Why Cyberpunk?

A few days ago I was told by a young woman I couldn’t have been any older than in my 20’s; of course she was trying to sell me something at the time, so it could just have been flattery. Luckily I escaped with the meager contents of my bank account intact.

The reality is I am a bit older than that. I grew up in a different era. The computer and digital toys that kids today take for granted were either unheard of or only just coming into existence when I was their age. The biggest threat we faced was the Soviets and US nuking the planet – that or the next ice age, which would have been preferable. We thought the dystopic future seen in cyberpunk was a very real prospect, given the way things were going.

It was while in high school that I first saw Blade Runner – I had taped it on VCR (kids ask your parents what that is) on a TV with lousy reception.

Despite that I instantly fell in love with the movie. To this day, over 20 years later, it is still my favourite movie of all time.

Then in my last couple of years of high school and on into university I got into RPGs in a big way – the pen and paper version, not the so called computer RPGs (see, technology does have a downside). That was at the start of the technological revolution – cassette tapes and VCRs were giving way to CDs and the internet was becoming more into vogue. At the time it was still mostly limited to places like education centers, but I picked it up early. It was slow – mere dial up – and limited. The first home plan I had was for just 20 hours online a month.

At first it was mostly D&D (and basic at that before moving on to 2nd Ed), but we were soon introduced to Cyberpunk 2020 (2nd Ed) and it soon rocketed to one of our most played gaming systems for a number of years. A bit later on a new recruit to the circle introduced us to Shadowrun, but it didn’t catch on like CP2020 did.

I collected most of the source books (and hope to get the ones I missed out on some day), and even got into Netrunner, the cyberpunk collectible card game.

There was something about the cyberpunk setting that grabbed me. It was gritty, it was different and it was a way to play at a Blade Runner-esque world. It was all about style over substance – sure you could be hackers and anti-heroes trying to make a difference in a corrupt world, but you went about it with style, flair and panache – all long coats and mirrorshades body augments. For the slightly socially inept geeky kids we were, being suave and cool was something to relish.

Of course as the years went on the group fell apart as people moved all over the country (and world) getting jobs and the like and the CP2020 days ended.

And the world changed. Technologies continued to advance – some predicted by cyberpunk, others not – and new genres came to the fore. Chief among those was paranormal.

A couple of years back I was contemplating writing something new and the idea at having a go at paranormal came to mind. I was doing a fair bit of walking back then, and on one of those strolls I was mulling over how to write paranormal that was different than the norm. One of the things I was contemplating was how magic and tech were usually seen as mutually incompatible. Then the idea came to me to go completely against that and go back to the roots of what I love – the cyberpunk genre. By the end of the walk the character of Braeden Wolf was born – and has barely changed since – and the intro of The Seduction of Honey had been written in my head before I got home.

Despite this the idea sat idle for another year before I wrote up a couple of novellas, and at the encouragement of a fellow writer on twitter, actually tried to make something of them. Surprisingly it seemed to work.

So why cyberpunk? Part nostalgia, part for a different take on paranormal and part because it allows me to build a world that, while our world, is different enough so as not to be totally familiar – that way I don’t have to worry about the details of our real world as much. It gives me a chance to explore and create – such as with the language of the streets, its slang and jargon and idiom, that is slowly developing the more I write.

But mostly because I enjoy it – and that, when it comes to writing, is the main thing.

My Twitter Competition

I’ve just started a competition on my twitter account (@braedenwolf). When I get to 500 followers I will choose one lucky (or not so lucky) follower at random and give them a guest appearance in the unnamed book 3 of Braeden Wolf.

The exact nature of that appearance will remain to be seen – I will speak with the person selected and see how exactly they would like to appear. It could be as a vamp, a passer-by in the street, a victim or anything in between.

So come and follow (or recruit followers) for your chance to win the prize.

Facebook Fan Page

At the suggestion of some other LazyDay authors I’ve gone and set up a Facebook Fan Page for Braeden Wolf.

It can be found here.

Please feel free to wander over and join it if you are on Facebook.

Vampires Are Big Business; Who'd Have Thunk it?

I was directed via twitter to the following article on ABCnews, about the current popularity – and value – of the vampire and paranormal industry. Just walk into any bookshop and switch on a TV and you’d be aware of just how popular it is.

They estimate that it has clocked up some $7 billion in sales in less than two years. No wonder there isn’t a shortage of new stuff coming out.

I’m not greedy; I’ll settle for a million or two of that 🙂