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The Great Braeden Wolf Review Offer

I had a bit of an odd idea when considering ways to drum up reviews for the Braeden Wolf series – so here goes.

If anyone is interested, I can send them PDFs of all 3 novellas published to date, to review any or all.

In addition, I will offer anyone who accepts it a cameo appearance in the series – be it as human, vamp, zombie, warlock or whatever. Details can be figured out later. Just a small way of saying thanks for taking them time.


New Interview

As mentioned early that it was upcoming, the interview over at Mystic Thoughts is now up.

Another Review

Picked up another review that came about via twitter, of the first of my novellas.

Read it over here.

Upcoming Interview & Amazon UK High Point

I’ve got an interview/review coming up soon over at Mystical Thoughts, well, soon as in around a month due to the queue of authors over there.

On other news, I hit a bit of a high on the Amazon UK site, peaking at spot #4450, and hitting #11 and #18 in two Top 10 lists. It has dropped a bit since then, but it was nice to see a modicum of success. Now if only the dame could be replicated on the US site.

New Reviews, And Ongoing Work

I got some new reviews on Amazon, ones that make me wonder if the reviewer read a different book than I wrote – she makes them sound far better than I remember them being 🙂

Head on over to my Amazon page to check them out.

I’m also busy at work trying to finish off the third book in the series – it really should have been done by now. The good news is that it is already longer than the first two. The not so good news is that it still has some time to go to finish.

Still, If I knuckle down and work hard it may be done some time.

First Reviews

I got my first reviews for the Braeden Wolf novellas on Amazon and I’m very happy about them.

A Pocket Full of Spells got 4/5 stars.

The Seduction of Honey got 5/5 stars.

It is a good start to see – hopefully I can pick up some more reviews and with that an increase in sales so I’m no longer a poor,starving author, just a semi-starving one.