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Blood Games Short #3: Pregame Entertainment

After a bit too long a hiatus, I posted up the third short for the ongoing Blood Games series, this one entitled Pregame Entertainment.

This is a little filler between the arrival and the start of the games – and the first behind the scenes look from the point of view of the gladiators.

I’ll try not to take as long for the next one, which starts off the bloodshed.


Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time

There are days I wish that I didn’t have to sleep.  Like everyday.

The problem is that I never seem to get enough writing done; between the everyday rigmarole of living, poor work ethic and sleeping I just seem to run out of time.  Those extra few hours I could use if I didn’t have to use them to sleep would be so handy.

I’d love to be one of those prolific writers who can whip out a novel in three weeks.  I know I have it in me, I just seem to lack the willpower to do it.

As it is I’m only slowly getting through the current projects on my plate without even starting the new ones I’d like to do.  There is Novella Three of Braeden Wolf, as well as the ongoing short story serial The Blood Games, plus the novels/novellas/short stories of my real ego (yes, Ash Stirling is a nom de plume – wasn’t that obvious?)  And then I also want to get started on the Vikings on Mars idea, plus hack out a sci-fi soap opera style series, inspired as I have been by playing Mass Effect recently.

I really need to sit down, knuckle down and just write, ignoring everything.  Like twitter, email, forums, youtube, etc and so on.

Blood Games Short #2: The Arrival

The second short for The Blood Games serial I’m working on is now finished and posted up for all to read.

This one is called The Arrival, and features the gladiators who are taking part in the display making their appearance, showing off their public persona to the crowd – and readers.

Short #3 is already planned – called Pre Game Entertainment – and it promises to be a little bit racy.  We are dealing with gladiators here, the ultimate bad boys of their day, after all.

Look for it within the next couple of weeks.

Coming Soon: Blood Games Short #2

I hope to have in the next few days the second short story of The Blood Games finished and posted up, detailing the arrival of the gladiators in Halicarii in a parade along the main thoroughfare.

As well as introducing some of the main gladiators that will appear through the series, it also has two other fun characters to write, the Battle Orators (read commentators). As part of the whole act, Oppius Saburnus Arius and Antiros of Ephanthrae agree on nothing and spend the time snarking back and forwards. A little snark is good for the writing soul.

Making Hay While The Sun Shines

Since the beginning of the year I have been on a bit of a roll with writing – mainly that I’ve managed to write every day and write decent amounts. I need to try and keep that going for as long as I can.

On past evidence it won’t last forever – even though I tell myself it should, like I have every other time – so I need to make the most of it. Ignore distractions and just write, though that is easier said than done.

Right now Damnation Down Below, Braeden Wolf Book Three is at 18,000 words into the second write through. That is close to half what I want it to be, given I am aiming for novella length and not a full novel. We shall see how it pans out, but there is still a lot of story to write.

And the second short for The Blood Games is also coming along nicely – sitting at 1000 words. It isn’t meant to be long; I had thought initially 2-3K in length though it may run a little more. All it is is a simple introduction of the trainers, gladiators and battle orators but that still takes time and descriptions.

Progress Report

Just a short update on how things are proceeding – I’m planning to do these semi-regular as much so I can keep track of progress as to let everyone else know what is going on.

There are three main areas I am working on;

Braeden Wolf Book Three

The third book, which I have given the title of Damnation Down Below for the time being, is coming along well. Even though the first rough draft is only have done, I’ve started the rewrite and am already 8K into it. The aim is for a 40K novella, so that is 20% of the way there.

The Blood Games

The recently started Blood Games serial has had the first short written, and rough outlines for the second and third shorts written as well. I hope to start on the first draft of the second short later this week – they aren’t very long initially so they can be written fairly fast.

Here is where I am not making much progress – marketing. I’m responsible for getting the word out mostly. I can’t just sit back and expect books to sell themselves. Even though I kick around on twitter and facebook a bit, I really need to start making an effort to search out other places, such as websites and forums, to try and drum up some interest.

The Year That Was And The Year Ahead

And here we are then, venturing forth into a brand new year, fresh and untarnished and full of opportunity.

Mind you the same was said at the start of last year as well, and see how that turned out.

On the plus side I finally got published, with my first two novellas now up and for sale as ebooks, via LazyDay Publishing. Thats a big step.

Now for the year ahead. More writing for starters. Lots more of it.

I need to write more – and longer – books for the Braeden Wolf series. If I could I’d be cranking them out one a month. Actually, that isn’t so much an impossibility as a matter of overcoming slackness.

I also need to continue the newly started Blood Games serial of shorts. Got plenty of ideas for that and it’ll only work if I turn them out regularly. One a week would be preferred.

There is also the whole matter of marketing myself and my books. It is an area I’m not that great at but I need to work on it. Twitter, facebook, forums, whatever, I need to hit them and plug myself and hopefully garner a few fans along the way.

They aren’t resolutions as such, given I don’t make them, but more intentions. I may even keep them.