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Royal Rumble Predictions

It has been a while since I last did one of my grant PPV predictions, but in an effort to post more – and not just about writing – here goes.

We only have 4 listed matches – and no divas – so I expect extra matches to be snuck in as usual.

Cena vs Kane – Much as I’d like to see Kane go down for his dastardly attack on Ryder, I think Kane will win. If not physically, then mentally as he forces Cena to embrace the dark side to win.

Bryan vs Mark Henry vs Big Show – Cowardly little heel in a cage with two monsters? There is no way that Bryan in’t winning that. Plus the two big men are working injured, so there isn’t much point in giving the title to them.

Punk vs Ziggler – I’d like to see Ziggles win it, and I’m certain he will sometime this year, but I am certain Punk will retain, against the odds.

The Rumble – Without knowing who is in the thing, picking a winner can be hard, but it seems that it will be between two; Randy Orton or Chris Jericho. It is Orton’s home town, and Vince doesn’t like having both Cena and Orton out of the title picture, but on the other hand a Jericho-Punk clash at Wrestlemania for the title is being bandied around.


Lessons from Zack Ryder

As I may have alluded to once or twice before, I’m a bit of a wrestling fan. One of my current favourites is Zack Ryder, who has an interesting story behind his recent rise in popularity, and one that has a lesson to be learned from.

Go back a year and things were different. He barely appeared on the show, and when he did it wasn’t to wrestle. Many were forecasting that he would be included in the next round of people to be released.

Not wanting to simply wait around, Zack came up with an idea to get himself noticed, one way or the other. His idea was a youtube show – Z! True Long Island Stories. At the time it was sink or swim. He didn’t know how it would go down or even if he would get let go over it – the industry prefers to make it stars rather than let them make themselves. But he really didn’t have a lot to loose given his status at the time.

A few people watched it, and then a few more. Quite quickly the numbers began to swell and it became rather popular. Fans started carrying signs for him at shows and chanting for him. It took some time for the industry to notice, but they had to given the amount of merchandise he was shipping out for them and the reactions he got. The end result is that he appears almost weekly on the shows now, gets to wrestle and looks to be on track to earn the intermediate title. He got to team up with Hugh Jackman when he was a guest on the show and even had Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy do his catchphrase for the Halloween special. The chants for him in MSG at last nights PPV were thunderous.

It has been a remarkable turn around, and all down to putting himself forward and market himself. It is a lesson I need to take to heart and try and emulate. You can’t sit back and wait for things to happen and to be discovered. Sure it may be a risk, but the upside is huge and the downside negligible.

Wrestlemania Predictions

Almost time for my first Wrestlemania, and time for some predictions.

Bryan vs Sheamus; Sheamus. After a long loosing streak he finally broke through with a win and a title – for him to loose it so soon would be a bad look for The Celtic Warrior.

The Corre vs Team Santino; Team Santino. It is disappointing to hear that Kozlov is out and replaced by Kofi – Kozlov deserved it after his long run with Santino. I can see Santino winning via the cobra – and against Wendy – just because Santino is so over. And it gives us another chance to see Kane doing the trombone.

Team Morrison vs Team Ziggler; Team Morrison. The only reason I am predicting Team Morrison is that they have the guest wrestlers, Snooki, on their team. Of course they are going to win precisely because of that. Given Morrison and Ziggler are my two favourites currently, having them opposed in a match like this is disappointing – but at least they are at Wrestlemania.

Cm Punk vs Orton; Orton. Hard to call this one – could go either way, but Orton is coming in injured and defeated by the villainous Punk, which leads me towards Orton winning.

Rhodes vs Mysterio; Rhodes. Rhodes new gimmick has been impressive, he is building up heat nicely, and so a loss here would suck all the life out of it.

Del Rio vs Edge; Del Rio. Del Rio has been on a massive push – and I can’t see it faltering here. I do expect interference from Brodus Clay and Christian in this, though how exactly remains to be seen – quite possibly Christian costing Edge either by accident or on purpose.

Cole Vs Lawler; Lawler. A very easy one to pick. Everyone wants to see Lawler layeth the smack down on Cole, and they won’t be disappointed – it has been a long time coming. Except to see Stone Cold Steve Austin to lay out Jack Swagger as well.

Undertaker vs HHH; Undertaker. Quite possibly the hardest one to call. Both sides have their reasons for winning or loosing, but quite simply the Streak comes into play here. They aren’t going to kill the Streak. Undertaker goes 19-0.

Cena vs The Miz; Cena. Miz has held the title a long time and he, like Cole, deserves some comeuppance. Plus as the last match of the event, you rarely see the heel emerge victorious. The presence of The Rock and Alex Riley add a whole new dimension as well, especially give The Rock seems to be feuding with both Cena and Miz. Could have a crazy ending.

We shall see how close I am in a few hours.

Royal Rumble 2011 Picks

Royal Rumble 2011 is upon us – my first one too – so I thought it an idea to go with who I think has been picked to win each match.

Currently WWE seems to be pushing the new young guns, the likes of Wade Barrett, Albert Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler, preparing them for when all the old superstars start retiring or are invalided out.

Smart move. If they were really bold they would use the Royal Rumble to continue that. More than likely though they’ll go with the safe bets, the established stars.

Diva Championship
Natalya vs Laycool

This one is a 50-50 in my mind. Natalya is the better worker and currently has it over Laycool, but Laycool are going 2v1. It is expected that a ‘surprise’ will turn up at some stage.

WWE Championship
The Miz vs Randy Orton

Safe Bet: Randy Orton
Bold Bet: The Miz
Smokey: Alex Riley takes out The Miz (with the briefcase) so he wins by DQ.

Orton is the established one, very big with the crowds, while The Miz is the one being established. It could go either way, but my money slightly favours Orton.

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs Dolph Ziggler

Safe Bet: Edge
Bold Bet: Dolph Ziggler

Dolph is a big improver, one of the best workers going around, and should take the title if WWE is being bold, but that is a long shot. The odds are being stacked against Edge, so that makes it almost foregone that he will win.

Royal Rumble

Safe Bet: John Cena
Bold Bet: Wade Barrett or Alberto Del Rio
Smokey: John Morrison.

This promising to be an exciting one, now with 40 competitors. Throw in two factions (New Nexus and The Corre) who have issues with each other, John Cena, who has issues with both factions, and all the other rivalries and things get interesting. Once more I expect WWE to play it safe and go with Cena, given the odds are stacked against him. The bold move would be to give the two new heels, Wade Barrett or Albert Del Rio, both who are working well, a shot. A long shot would be JoMo – they’ve given him a big push of late. For it to go nowhere would seem a waste.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to see just how bad my predictions were.