Well That Didn’t Work

I went into this year’s NaNoWriMo – my first – with high hopes. Let’s just say that it was a spectacular failure. Yes, I know that technically there is a week to run, but I’ve never been able to manage the 10K+ a day some can crank out. Plus there is everything else that needs doing that eats away at writing time.

I did make a start and do have an outline of a novel, so it isn’t a complete waste. And I should see if I can at least get somewhere with the story by the end of the month – even if it is only 10-15K.


Lessons from Zack Ryder

As I may have alluded to once or twice before, I’m a bit of a wrestling fan. One of my current favourites is Zack Ryder, who has an interesting story behind his recent rise in popularity, and one that has a lesson to be learned from.

Go back a year and things were different. He barely appeared on the show, and when he did it wasn’t to wrestle. Many were forecasting that he would be included in the next round of people to be released.

Not wanting to simply wait around, Zack came up with an idea to get himself noticed, one way or the other. His idea was a youtube show – Z! True Long Island Stories. At the time it was sink or swim. He didn’t know how it would go down or even if he would get let go over it – the industry prefers to make it stars rather than let them make themselves. But he really didn’t have a lot to loose given his status at the time.

A few people watched it, and then a few more. Quite quickly the numbers began to swell and it became rather popular. Fans started carrying signs for him at shows and chanting for him. It took some time for the industry to notice, but they had to given the amount of merchandise he was shipping out for them and the reactions he got. The end result is that he appears almost weekly on the shows now, gets to wrestle and looks to be on track to earn the intermediate title. He got to team up with Hugh Jackman when he was a guest on the show and even had Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy do his catchphrase for the Halloween special. The chants for him in MSG at last nights PPV were thunderous.

It has been a remarkable turn around, and all down to putting himself forward and market himself. It is a lesson I need to take to heart and try and emulate. You can’t sit back and wait for things to happen and to be discovered. Sure it may be a risk, but the upside is huge and the downside negligible.

NaNowWriMo Final Preparations

With NaNoWriMo all but upon us, I am putting the final touches to the preparation for my first go at it.  I have some rough notes for the novel and will spend the rest of the day working on finalising those notes.

The story I am going with will be called Knife’s Edge Deep and is a sort of prequel novel to the currently written novellas of the paranormal/cyberpunk world of Braeden Wolf.  it is the story of what it was that made him into what he is in the later stories, in his own words.

For those interested in buddying up, I am ashstirling over on the NaNoWriMo site.


I’ve known of NaNoWriMo for years.  I’ve been writing for years.  Yet somehow I’ve never taken part in NaNoWriMo before.

This year I am going to.  Come next month I am going to hack out a novel about Braeden Wolf (the first novel in the series).  I’ve got it roughly plotted out and hope to have a few more details worked out by the time it starts, but won’t start writing until November.

In the meantime I’m planning on doing a few more short stories.

Short Stories on Smashwords

The five short stories I had written earlier and are on my website are now also on Smashwords, with shiny new covers, free to download and with a wider audience.

They won’t be the last ones I put up there.

What I plan to do is write more of these rather short stories as a series of vignettes, or brief moments in time revolving around various characters and events in The City, most of which build up an overall story.

I am thinking of doing around 15 more of these vignettes, and another 5 short stories unrelated but still providing snapshots of The City.

Only been up a couple of days but already have around 350 downloads, which is a good start.

First Attempt At Covers

I’m going to be putting up the short stories I have written on Smashwords for a slightly larger audience, mostly as teasers to spur interest in the longer stories. For that I need some decent covers.

I’ve been working off and on most of the day on ideas for covers, given I can’t really afford to hire someone to do it. Took some doing but I finally got something I like. This is the cover for the first of the short stories.

What I was aiming for was something that reflected both the cyberpunk and paranormal elements of the setting, which I think I may have got. We have a magic symbol that is done in neon light circuitry – or at least a close proximity there of.

Damnation Down Below Cover

Should have put this up earlier, but here is the cover for Damnation Down Below.

Same theme as the previous ones, but with a different colour scheme – a darker one reflecting the change in tone in the story line.