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The Seduction of Honey Free Promotion

Over on Amazon we are doing a free promotion for The Seduction of Honey for a few days, given how successful the promotion for A Pocket Full of Spells went. So far, half a day in, it seems to be going along better than the first one.

Hopefully that is the incentive needed to kick me into gear and finish off the next stories for the collection.


Short Stories on Smashwords

The five short stories I had written earlier and are on my website are now also on Smashwords, with shiny new covers, free to download and with a wider audience.

They won’t be the last ones I put up there.

What I plan to do is write more of these rather short stories as a series of vignettes, or brief moments in time revolving around various characters and events in The City, most of which build up an overall story.

I am thinking of doing around 15 more of these vignettes, and another 5 short stories unrelated but still providing snapshots of The City.

Only been up a couple of days but already have around 350 downloads, which is a good start.

First Attempt At Covers

I’m going to be putting up the short stories I have written on Smashwords for a slightly larger audience, mostly as teasers to spur interest in the longer stories. For that I need some decent covers.

I’ve been working off and on most of the day on ideas for covers, given I can’t really afford to hire someone to do it. Took some doing but I finally got something I like. This is the cover for the first of the short stories.

What I was aiming for was something that reflected both the cyberpunk and paranormal elements of the setting, which I think I may have got. We have a magic symbol that is done in neon light circuitry – or at least a close proximity there of.

Damnation Down Below Cover

Should have put this up earlier, but here is the cover for Damnation Down Below.

Same theme as the previous ones, but with a different colour scheme – a darker one reflecting the change in tone in the story line.

The Great Braeden Wolf Review Offer

I had a bit of an odd idea when considering ways to drum up reviews for the Braeden Wolf series – so here goes.

If anyone is interested, I can send them PDFs of all 3 novellas published to date, to review any or all.

In addition, I will offer anyone who accepts it a cameo appearance in the series – be it as human, vamp, zombie, warlock or whatever. Details can be figured out later. Just a small way of saying thanks for taking them time.

The Release of Damnation Down Below & The Search For Reviews

The third novella in the Braeden Wolf series of Paranormal Cyberpunk is now out – available at Amazon and elsewhere.

The story of the setting continues on from the previous two novellas, and takes a slightly darker turn in doing so. Events rush on and the balance of power begins to shift.

Writing the story was the easy part – next come the more difficult stage; getting it out there.

A big part of that is the search for reviews. If there is anyone interested in doing so, drop me a note and I’ll forward a copy along to you.

Slight Delay In Release

The release date for Damnation Down Below, the third Braeden Wolf paranormal cyberpunk novella is being pushed back a week due to a few, minor unavoidable things.