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Progress Report

Just a short update on how things are proceeding – I’m planning to do these semi-regular as much so I can keep track of progress as to let everyone else know what is going on.

There are three main areas I am working on;

Braeden Wolf Book Three

The third book, which I have given the title of Damnation Down Below for the time being, is coming along well. Even though the first rough draft is only have done, I’ve started the rewrite and am already 8K into it. The aim is for a 40K novella, so that is 20% of the way there.

The Blood Games

The recently started Blood Games serial has had the first short written, and rough outlines for the second and third shorts written as well. I hope to start on the first draft of the second short later this week – they aren’t very long initially so they can be written fairly fast.

Here is where I am not making much progress – marketing. I’m responsible for getting the word out mostly. I can’t just sit back and expect books to sell themselves. Even though I kick around on twitter and facebook a bit, I really need to start making an effort to search out other places, such as websites and forums, to try and drum up some interest.


Facebook Fan Page

At the suggestion of some other LazyDay authors I’ve gone and set up a Facebook Fan Page for Braeden Wolf.

It can be found here.

Please feel free to wander over and join it if you are on Facebook.