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Bargains – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

I have finished off the fourth of the short stories in the Braeden Wolf collection.

There is not much action in this one as it is basically a small filler episode, following on events from Intrusion – and leads to events in Favours.

This one is called Bargains.


Intrusion – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

The third of the short stories in the Braeden Wolf setting is now done and available, and once more this one is a little bit different.

Braeden Wolf himself isn’t in it, or even mentioned, and there is no paranormal element in it either.  This is from the pure cyberpunk side.

It also introduces a brand new character to the setting – Random.  She will be seen again.

It is entitled Intrusion.

Curiosity – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

The second Braeden Wolf short story is now done and available – and this one is something different.

Most of the future short stories I will be doing will not be focusing on Braeden himself, but on the supporting characters that dwell in his world, seeing it through their eyes and getting to know them a bit better.

This second one involves the vampire Raven – who Braeden calls Blue – and is a brief story, almost flash fiction, looking a bit at what makes her tick.

It is entitled Curiosity.

Favours – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

I have just finished and put up the first Braeden Wolf paranormal/cyberpunk short story, and hopefully not the last. The plan is to put them out semi regularly while working on the novellas, to offer a bit more of a glimpse into the world in which he dwells.

Entitled Favours, it is now available to read.