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Afterlife – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

Its taken some time, but the next of the Braeden Wolf short fiction pieces is finally completed, and now able to be read on my blog.

Afterlife is a brief look at the vampire Queen B who lives in the den of Braeden Wolf’s place, revolving around an unusual moment of revelation for her.


Human – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

Finally, after a slightly long delay, the sixth episode of the Braeden Wolf Short Story collection is now available, for free, on Smashwords.

This one revolves around Annabelle Chan (aka Tinkerbelle), a cybernetically augmented technophile having a run in with a bunch vehemently opposed to the desecration of the flesh with plastic and metal.

Short Stories on Smashwords

The five short stories I had written earlier and are on my website are now also on Smashwords, with shiny new covers, free to download and with a wider audience.

They won’t be the last ones I put up there.

What I plan to do is write more of these rather short stories as a series of vignettes, or brief moments in time revolving around various characters and events in The City, most of which build up an overall story.

I am thinking of doing around 15 more of these vignettes, and another 5 short stories unrelated but still providing snapshots of The City.

Only been up a couple of days but already have around 350 downloads, which is a good start.

First Attempt At Covers

I’m going to be putting up the short stories I have written on Smashwords for a slightly larger audience, mostly as teasers to spur interest in the longer stories. For that I need some decent covers.

I’ve been working off and on most of the day on ideas for covers, given I can’t really afford to hire someone to do it. Took some doing but I finally got something I like. This is the cover for the first of the short stories.

What I was aiming for was something that reflected both the cyberpunk and paranormal elements of the setting, which I think I may have got. We have a magic symbol that is done in neon light circuitry – or at least a close proximity there of.

Aggression – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

The fifth of the short stories in the Braeden Wolf collection has finally been finished and added.

Called Aggression, it features Angela Grey (better known as Honey) investigating a series of murders and a slightly unhinged Special Ops police officer taking on a ruthless street gang.

The Short Story Puzzle

As may have been noticed, the various shorts being written in the Braeden Wolf setting do actual fit together – as will future ones, even if at the time they don’t.

In essence what each short is is going to be a piece of a puzzle that will slowly build up an overall picture of a story, or at least that is the plan…

Bargains – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

I have finished off the fourth of the short stories in the Braeden Wolf collection.

There is not much action in this one as it is basically a small filler episode, following on events from Intrusion – and leads to events in Favours.

This one is called Bargains.