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Curiosity – A Braeden Wolf Short Story

The second Braeden Wolf short story is now done and available – and this one is something different.

Most of the future short stories I will be doing will not be focusing on Braeden himself, but on the supporting characters that dwell in his world, seeing it through their eyes and getting to know them a bit better.

This second one involves the vampire Raven – who Braeden calls Blue – and is a brief story, almost flash fiction, looking a bit at what makes her tick.

It is entitled Curiosity.


Sneak Peek: A Pocket Full Of Spells

And now for a sneak peek at my upcoming novella ‘A Pocket Full of Spells’, due December 1st from LazyDay Publishing.

I fired at the vamp as I moved towards her, two shots thudding into her chest. She span towards me, mouth wide open and her fangs displayed. A hellishly fast kick snapped out. It caught me on the wrist and sent my .44 spinning away to slide under a table.

She was small and exquisite, with flashing green eyes, like a tiny red haired fairy but one with a bite; in this case quite literally. I’d have been tempted to have a grapple with her in better times but having someone try and chew your face off can tend to put a dampener on your ardour.

I have been told it is not polite to hit women, and I generally try and live by that rule. There are times when you just have to make exceptions, like when you run into vamps or succubi. That is when you have to make a choice. Would you rather chivalry or yourself die? Me, I’d go with chivalry breathing its last every time.

She aimed another kick at me, this time going for my head. Given the differences in our height it was extraordinarily flexible. My hands snapped up, grabbing her ankle and stopping the kick just fractions of an inch in front of my face. Before I could pull her off balance she leapt up into the air and twisted, kicking her other foot into the side of my head. I lost hold of the grip on her as my head rang and vision spun. She landed lightly and whipped around to face me again, balanced and bouncing on her feet.

I stepped back, trying to regain my composure, reaching for one of the 9mm handguns tucked into my belt. The aim was to give her a face full of lead. It wouldn’t kill her but it would certainly hurt her and slow her down.

She wasn’t having any of it, darting in to chop down on my arm almost before the gun cleared my belt. The blow numbed my arm and the gun clattered away to join the first one.

The vamp was proving a dangerous and annoying opponent, freakishly fast and hard hitting, and what is more one with obvious training in the arts of unarmed combat. Me, I’m a street brawler. No finesse, no style, just a vicious no hold barred approach to the contest. It put me at a disadvantage in this fight.

Vampires Are Big Business; Who'd Have Thunk it?

I was directed via twitter to the following article on ABCnews, about the current popularity – and value – of the vampire and paranormal industry. Just walk into any bookshop and switch on a TV and you’d be aware of just how popular it is.

They estimate that it has clocked up some $7 billion in sales in less than two years. No wonder there isn’t a shortage of new stuff coming out.

I’m not greedy; I’ll settle for a million or two of that 🙂

The Paranormal: Monsters of The City

Humans, while the majority, are not the only people to live openly in The City. The rest are disparagingly, and normally not to their faces, refereed to as monsters.

The most common are the aos sí and the trolls, but they also include vampires, zombies, shapeshifters and demons of various ilks, such as succubi and imps.

The aos sí, better (and wrongly) known as the sidhe are the visible face of the paranormal world. Taller and fairer than men, they are also deeply attuned to the world of magic and near all have a decent understanding of incantations. Devious, unpredictable and willful, they easily fit into the world of men. The various aos sí families often have fingers in numerous businesses, both legitimate and otherwise. The current mayor of The City is one of the aos sí.

The trolls are a hardy, hard working people and while as numerous as the aos sí are rarely seen. Most live and work in Docklands, in its factories and industries, only coming out after dark. Naturally resistant to the effects of arcane magic, they are nonetheless highly adept at working it into devices, the only with the knowledge how, and are well know for the steel of their blades. Few mess with trolls, as if you mess with one you mess with the whole family.

Vampires thrive in the environs of The City, partially because they are the peak predators in the urban jungle, but mostly because in the dark streets they are seldom troubled. A few more missing bodies go unremarked, no matter the cause of death. Most drift into a life in the criminal underworld, as pimps, loan sharks, enforcers and bosses. They do on occasions come into conflict with the aos sí, for no other reason than conflicts of interest. When an aos sí-vampire war erupts, the smart get out of the way.

Zombies are not a naturally occurring phenomena, only coming about by the work of magic, whether intentional or otherwise, on the corpses of the deceased. Individually they pose little threat, being slow near mindless creatures. Sometimes they come under the influence of a ghoul, a type of zombie with memories and intelligence, tormented by its existence. Packs of zombies led by ghouls show a marked increase in cunning, lurking in the sewers and abandoned buildings, seeking to add to their numbers.

The shapeshifters are not a single group, but encompass a variety of forms. Some of these are natural shapeshifters, the best know of which are werewolves, while others achieve their form changes through incantations. For the most they life lives of ordinary people, often keeping their nature hidden.

Demons are right at home in The City, with its violence, corruption and depravity. The worse it gets, the more they are drawn to it and the stronger they become. At first it was just imps, mischievous spirits trying to tempt mortals with offers of power, but they have been joined by succubi, sensuous women who seduced men – and woman – into depravity. They also have male counterparts, the inccubi, for those who prefer men. Rumours persist that more powerful demons have began to make an appearance as The City sinks deeper into depravity.

Characters: The City

The City, my home. What can I say about it?

Firstly, I hear you ask, why do I call it The City? Surely it has a name. Yes it does but it is referred to by everyone as simply The City. It is said that to invoke the true name of The City is to invite disaster, much as actors refer to it as The Scottish Play rather than its name. I can’t verify the veracity of the claim but it is best to ere on the side of caution. Now, I don’t know how anyone could go about hexing a name so that trouble comes to those who invoke it, but I am no expert on the research of new incantations. I simply use the ones I come across. If someone could do that then they are powerful indeed.

All cities have personality, they have a character unique to it. There are some that say that The City is alive, and more so, it has an awareness, a sentience. I would go so far as that, but there is a malignancy about The City. It feeds on its own citizens much like a vampire, drawing more into its web and once it has your tendril around you it is jealous in its possession, never letting you leave.

The City itself looks much like any other city when view from a distance, a gleaming metropolis of lights and glass. Except the view is rather different when you get close. I find the brighter the light, the darker the shadows, and it is very dark in The City.

The City is made up of a number of unique districts, suburban communities and zones. For the moment here is a brief run down on them.

Inner City; The corporate, commercial and political hub of the city, down on the waterfront where the river meets the bay. It may look clean and modern, but there is a dark heart to it.

The Park; On the western side of the Inner City is The Park, which also incorporates the old City Cemetery. After night both are places to avoid.

Docklands; South of the river, this encompasses the port, industrial and warehouse district. Many of them are old and abandoned.

The Northern Suburbs; If you can afford it, this is the safest place to live. If you can’t, you aren’t welcome. The Northern Beaches are home to the rich, powerful and paranoid.

The West; The neglected, cluttered western suburbs, with their burnt out homes, street crime and abandoned shops, is a place to be avoided, but also home for the majority of those that live in The City.

Southbrook; Southbrook makes The West look a pleasant place to live. A lawless slum, it is home to the homeless, the dispossessed and those seeking to disappear. No one cares what happens in Southbrook.

The Language of The City

Language is as diverse as the people who speak it, constantly reinventing itself as new words and terms spawn, grow old and die out.

The City has its own language down on the street, full of slang and jargon and idioms that can confuse the new.

What does it mean to boil or make? Why should you fear a kiss, and why should you try and rip them?

To help with the lingo of the City there is the The Language of The City to help you out.

The Characters of The City

Who lives in the world of The City?

They are many and varied and as time permits I shall document many of them.

A start has been made on the Characters page with a few of the ones who shall make an appearance early on. And yes, The City is a character in its own right. I shall talk more of it another time. Let us just say its character touches us all.