The Braeden Wolf Series

The world is a dark place. Large multinational corporations operate with near impunity, governments are weak and the world is awash with crime and violence and the paranormal.

It is a world both high tech, with cybernetic and biogenetic augments commonplace, and low tech, with many cities having near slum like conditions for large portions of their populace.

It is a world where the paranormal is out in the open; vamps, shapeshifters, zombies, trolls, demons and more are known and often simply trying to make a life for themselves. Everyone knows someone who can wrangle up an incantation or two.

It is a dangerous world of drugs and crime and gangs, the world in which Braeden Wolf walks the hostile and lonely road of battling the dark elements of The City, using combat stims, cybernetic augments, magic and big guns.

The first three novellas in the Braeden Wolf series, A Pocket Full of Spells, The Seduction of Honey and Damnation Down Below are out now, from LazyDay Publishing.


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