A Pocket Full of Spells

When a suburban warlock juices his gang up on a cocktail of drugs and magic there is an explosion out on the streets. Rival gangs can’t compete and the police, corrupt and inefficient, have better things to do. The power brokers who control The City pay them little attention, the events out in the ‘burbs of little threat to them.

Only crazies of the type of Braeden Wolf are willing to do what needs to be done. With wires in his vein, fire in his blood and a gun in hand, he will need all of his street smarts to survive against fearless killing machines that just won’t die.

For once he is not alone. A stranger, crazy even in a city full of crazies, is there to confront the warlock as well. A crazy who brings a sword to a gun fight….

A Pocket Full of Spells is the first in the Braeden Wolf series from LazyDay Publishing.

It is available through this link.


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