Short Stories

Life at times in The City can be interesting; Braeden Wolf’s life never seems to lack for the strange, unusual, or downright dangerous.

Over time a series of short stories will be added that will offer brief glimpses into his life, the life of The City and the lives of those who interact with him.


A young hacker gets more than she bargains when she tries to infiltrate a mysterious databank.


The Information Broker bargains with the hacker Random over data files.


Braeden Wolf does a favour for Haphazard – and runs into unexpected trouble.


Curiosity about a man gets the better of the vampire Raven.


Angela ‘Honey’ Grey and her partner investigate a series of murders – with the help of an unhinged fellow officer.


There are those that love getting body augments – and then there are those that vehemently oppose the practice. It is these that the techie Tinkerbelle runs into.


The afterlife can seem rather boring to those both immortal and without true emotions or feelings.


2 responses to “Short Stories

  • Hubris

    How’s it going, anything new in the pipeline? Or just surviving the end of another year. Have you checked out CCCF formaly CPR cyberpunk forum? You may like it. Ben

  • Ash Stirling

    I do have a few planned and started which I have to get back to and finish off, but it has been pretty much just getting to the end of the year.

    I’ll check out the forums – thanks for that.

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