The Characters

The world that Braeden Wolf lives in is filled with an assortment of unusual characters – these are a few of them in Braeden’s own words.

The City

The City has no given name and no given geographical location – it could be anywhere – Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Australia. It could be none of them or it could be all of them.

Actually that is not true. It does have a locale. It is just best not to mention it.

Some cities are places of hope and dreams. The City is neither of them, instead it is one of nightmares and hopelessness, a den of vice and iniquity where in gangs and criminals roam, corruption is rife and vampires – and far worse creatures – prey on man. Dark and dingy, there are some say that The City has a semi-sentient malignancy, fed by the suffering of those who live in it, its tendrils spreading out to call more victims into its web of despair.

There is little hope to be had in The City, and no chance of escape.

And it is my home.

The Old Man

I wish I knew who he is and what his game is. I don’t even know his name.

He is just an old man, one of the many derelict homeless of The City, who turns up when least expected, offering words of advice that are sometimes even helpful.

In a city of monsters, he worries me the most.

Honey [Angela Grey]

Honey’s real name is Angela ‘Angie’ Grey, though to me she will always be Honey; sweet and seductive. She is a strong-willed woman, not short of an opinion, and devious as needed.

And after our first meeting, always just out of reach.

Braeden Wolf

That would be me.

What can I say beyond that I am a collection of bad habits marinated in alcohol, who plays the dangerous game of hunting the damned in the dark streets of The City.

So far I am winning. The first loss will be the last.

Queen B [Becky]

A former well known television actress turned vampire, Queen B is my name for Becky.

You may remember her. You are certain to remember the photos.

We have an unusual relationship. To date I still haven’t burned her and she hasn’t made me.


When Honey isn’t working for the city, she works for Squire. I still haven’t found out his name.

I won’t say that he is humourless, but he has all the hallmarks of a stern librarian or lecturer and rarely ever smiles, let alone cracks a joke. What his game is in The City is another mystery yet to be solved, but it now involves me.

Grey Dog [Viktor Katukov]

Big, strong and wired up. Grey Dog is Squire’s guard, and at times more.

Blue [Raven]

Blue is a small, red-haired, green-eyed vampire, a tiny fiery fairy, but one with a bite. Literally.

Not a friend, but not exactly an enemy either. She bears keeping an eye on.


Isaiah is the most powerful Incanter I have ever run across. He is also perhaps a little mad.

Tinkerbelle [Annabelle Chan]

Annabelle is small, perky and a natural techie, hence the name I’ve given her; Tinkerbelle. She is forever tinkering with devices, pulling them apart to see how they work or to improve them. She has no formal schooling but has an aptitude for technology that borders on the supernatural.


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